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Monday, January 4, 2016

Start theYear with a Resolution to Exercise More: Tips for Being Successful

Start the Year with a Resolution to Exercise More: Tips for Being Successful
Healthy people need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day.  Here are some tips for being active and not giving up. 
·       Research shows that exercising with someone results in making yourself accountable to someone and your commitment is stronger. Make a plan to exercise with someone a few times a week.  Download a fitness app or friend someone on social media. This strategy can help you keep track of your progress and enables you to share your successes or struggles.
·       Use your smart phone.  Download MyFitnessPal to track daily food intake.  This is a free app
·       Log activities to stay on track. 
·       Invest in a fitness device and use it to track your workout information. If you don’t have a fitness device, use a calendar or notebook.  Another option is to make a chart on store on your computer.
·       Vary your workout routines so you do not get bored.  Research shows that people who vary their workouts are less likely to burn out or get bored.
·       Store a set of weights beside your TV. Do some bicep curls or lunges while you watch TV.
·       Park our car in the farthest corner of the lot and walk.
·       Take the stairs whenever possible.
·       Try some chair exercises when you do not have time to be more active. 


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