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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Snack Scene is Changing

Snack Scene Is Changing

If you have been in the supermarket lately, you may have seen that snack options are changing.  We live in a society of grazers who eat throughout the day.  Many people do not have time or make time for sit down meals.  Many foods are being repackaged and marketed as snacks.

The definition of snacking continues to evolve.  According to a Nielsen’s recent global survey, Snack Attack, snacking will grow to be a $375 billion worldwide industry.  Snacks now account for half of all eating occasions, with breakfast and lunch being consumed as a snack.  There are many reasons people snack, but two themes are prominent.  1) Enjoyment.  75 percent of the world consumes snacks to satisfy hunger or cravings in between meals. 2) Nutrition. 63 percent of the world’s consumers snack for nutritional reasons.     

Snacking trends include:
  • Meal replacements that are low-prep and prepackaged with little or no clean up are in high demand.
  • High-protein snack choices like lean meat, nuts and granola bars are generating more buzz in the social health arena.   
  • Better-for-you snacks like fruit, bars, and vegetables are replacing snacks with higher fat and sugar content.
    New snack options include protein foods which would have once been part of a meal.   Hormel is testing “Spam Snacks.” Cereal is being sold in “to-go-pouches.”  A number of snacks are incorporating an assortment of healthy ingredients such as chickpeas, lentils and quinoa.  
    Remember that some snacking can be part of mindless eating.  Stop and ask yourself if you really are hungry before consuming a snack.  

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