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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Make Your Own Spice Mixes

Make Your Own Spice Mixes
Making your own spice mixes helps you limit sodium and other preservatives added to pre-made mixes. You can also use the spices right in your pantry instead of buying a new mix you may not use up!
Here are some common spices, taste and suggested dishes to flavor your meal:

Taste: Strong blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, hint peppery
Great for German & Caribbean cuisines, cakes, cookies, stew, lamb, fruit pies and pickles.
Taste: Warm, spicy and sweet
Great for Scandinavian and Indian Cuisine, Chai Tea
Taste: Hot, Smoky
Great for Mexican and Southwestern cuisines, chili, eggs, fish and vegetables.
Taste: sweet, hot
Great for Mexican and Greek cuisines, grilled fruit, curries, cakes and oatmeal
Taste: aromatic, sweet
Great for Caribbean and Indian cuisines, pineapple, meats, soups, pork, mulled wine and chutneys
Taste: earthy, warm, nutty
Great for: Mexican and Asian cuisines, beans, stews, soups, tacos, and sauces
Taste: spicy, sweet, slight citrus flavor
Great for Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern cuisines, marinades, squash, desserts, oats, hot tea, gingerbread, pickled ginger
Taste: warm, sweet, nutty, spicy
Great for cakes, sauces, spinach, cookies, milk or cream-based dishes like custards or puddings, eggnog
: earthy, slightly bitter
Great for Indian and Moroccan cuisines, poultry, lamb, curries, stews, rice dishes

Tasty Tips
If you are just starting to use spices, add a little at a time; you can always add spice, but it’s difficult to remove it. When adding spices to your meal, add them near the start of cooking so they have time to soften and release their delicious favors. Flavor intensity is reduced in cold dishes, therefore more spices may need to be used when preparing them.

Written by Nicole Busboom, EFNEP Extension Assistant, University of Nebraska Extension

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