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Friday, May 8, 2015

Make Mother's Day Healthy

Make Mother’s Day Healthy
Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. Rather than flowers or chocolate (unless it is dark) give her the gift of health.
  • Fitness tech device such as Fitbit.
  • A good quality blender for making smoothies, juice, sauce or soup.
  • Gift certificate to a gym or fitness center.   Pilates, yogo, or indoor cycling classes are other options.
  • New gym bag or exercise clothes.
  • Foam rollers are a simple, cost effective present that will leave her muscles relaxed.
  • Assortment of teas and new tea kettle.
  • Raised bed garden for those who like to garden.
  • Subscription for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to enjoy locally produced foods while supporting local growers.  
  • Items for the kitchen: wooden salad bowl, steamer, oil mister.
  • Home exercise items such as workout DVD, pedometer, arm weights or tape measure.
  • A gift of time and support.    

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